Possible " good deal" 1996 xj6 on craigslist sfbay

(Pete55Tbird) #1

NO it ain`t my car this is just a heads up. I talked to the guy selling it and he is done putting any more money into it. Electrical problem ( he said ) 1996 4.0 6 cylinder. White

here is a link or check craigs

Technically this is not an ad just a heads up Pete

(Paul Wigton) #2

Nothing else, helluva good parts car!

(David Jauch) #3

Seller called it jx6 twice so I moved it to X300. I don’t like the kind of seller but probably good for parts. If you say he’s trustworthy it might be interesting to know what the problem is.

(Paul) #4

The thing one must be aware of with the internet is it plays on one’s hopes and dreams…
FWIW I’ve never had any surprises buying sight unseen or online…nothing that I did not anticipate that is…they can’t answer or are willing to provide info I request, I’m done usually at that point.
Again, as the old saying goes, buy the seller not the item.

That said, I’ve found autotempest a good search tool. Will search all of Craigslist et al. nation wide.