Possible new forum list for celebrations?

(Phil) #1

They seem so different. One year make. Oddities that other facelift models don’t have…Post your thoughts here! OBD II, odd fuel lines, wood where there was leather…speak to me people!

(Phil) #2

Plus, my XJS has the full size matching spare, and possibly sports suspension. 4 struts w/ springs in the rear. Either way, I’d like to make a Celebration section so the gents (or ladies) that own this car can have reliable information on their specific vehicles. Not all XJS data apply to these cars!


hi Phil

the Celebration are very nice but not sure there’s this much of differences out of cosmetical between the “late” facelift like my 93 6.0L and the Celebrations
the rear suspension on all XJS and XJ-S have 4 dampers and springs, the “sport” version being stiffer / shorter (?) springs, and possibly ARB
the full size spare was an option

the outboard brakes is a big difference from the whole line up, but appeared mid 1993 too

(Phil) #4

Ok! Now that’s what I’m looking for…the cutoff date where the XJS has outboard brakes, the AJ16, and any other differences. For example, no Marelli ignition, coil-on-plug distributorless. Trying to compile info and tech tips for these years.

(Veekay) #5

We would have dozens of subcategories then.

You’re just going to have to visit this forum, as well as the X300 forum.

There have been people asking for 5.3 vs 6.0 vs AJ6 vs AJ16 subcategories, but even then there’s HE, pre-HE, H&E Cabriolets, Marelli, pre-Morelli, Zytec…the list goes on and on.

The upside is that sometimes you learn something about someone’s v12 car that is useful to us 4.0 engined cars.

(Phil) #6

I agree with that. I don’t have experience with the older jags, but I do have experience with older cars in general. Hopefully I can help someone out with a trick that fits the build. “I get by with a little help from my friends, ohhh…”