Possible scheme for overheat warning system

(John) #41

First overheat warning sensor ready. Will be testing it this summer.

(Aristides Balanos) #42

Nice John, as usual !

(MarekH) #43

There are various ways to address possible overheating monitoring.

Years ago, I drilled and tapped the LH front manifold on the etype v12 engine and adapted the temperature gauge to have twin needles. This works fine and is a completely “analogue” setup.

I also have added temperature sensors which are logged by a separate fuel injection system (Megasquirt). The last one I added was at the bottom of the radiator. Much is made of the fact that there is only one sensor on the engine, but overheating will happen if the water returning from the bottom of the radiator is too hot. This water goes to both banks, so rather than panic about the bank without a coolant sensor, I’d rather know that the water exiting the radiator is cool enough to make it once more around the engine again.

What is also absent from people’s thoughts is the thermostat temperature - the etype had 82’c 'stats (as opposed to 88’c on the xjs) and fitting these buys you another 6’c of headroom before runaway overheating takes off.


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