Posting a photo of my cars on the Forum?

What are the steps to take to transfer my car pictures into the forum?


Click on this.

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After I start a reply or a new topic and the dialog box opens all I do is drag the picture from my computer into the dialog box. Could not be simpler. I don’t know if it’s necessary but I always ensure the pictures are in the JPEG format.

Something else to consider when you post pictures is to place a space between the uploads once they are in the preview, it just makes viewing them easier. Make sure you have the cursor to the left of the !

Something like this !

North of El Paso. these are the “better” cars. earlier, much less race worthy!! The Mercury’s were the fastest…


Gorgeous, Carl! Keep them coming! Who cared to digitize the old pics? Did you do this? I’d be more than happy to see more!

Thanks for sharing!


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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My brother is a skilled photographer and keeper of old family pictures. He sent me this one. I stored it in my picture folder on this machine.

Not sure of his process, digitize or merely scan to memory…

Lots of family stuff, of course…




From orange crates from the market.

My dog “Tippy”. We made many of our toys!!!


I remember you mentioning Tippy … cool job on the soap box!

A friend of mine has revitalized a kind of soap box downhill contest in the village I live in and some of the vehicles - he wasn’t able to scrap them afterwards and so they are still in the barn our cars are parked in - look pretty much like what you came up with in your days.

Count yourself happy to have preserved that kind of memories - I only have faded pink square colour pics from the “cameras” that got popular in the 70s.

Is that beehives in the background?


No, As best as I can recall or discern from the picture, it is Memorial Park, A neat place to play. .


2020-10Adding photos to a post

My FF Jack Slottag in his Lotus 23B:

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That’s brilliant Carl !
And there is an uncanny resemblance with @Wiggles JeeType…!!

What is " FF?" …

Wondering the same, father’s father? Nope?

Fantastic orange/soap box car and trailer, Carl!


Ps. The only ”FF” I know is the Jensen Interceptor Ferguson Formula. :slight_smile:

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Foster father. Sorry.

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Thanks, Paul, for asking - I wouldn’t have dared! Indeed, starting with “bff” I started thinking about “former friend”, “friendly fellow”, “f+++ing fool”, “foolish follower” …, but none of them seemed to make sense …

Happy week end


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)