Posting pictures?

How the H are we supposed to post pictures on this site

Pete, I usually copy and paste. Make sure what you copy to your clipboard is it actual image not just a link to an image. Tom

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By using the UPLOAD option in the menu at the top of the text box.

Then select your pic from whatever folder it lives in.

Thanks Doesnt exactly jump right out at us as a picture upload option in my opinion

The upload feature did not work or give me a usable link

Hi Pete, upload of photo using the up-arrow tab worked fine for me just a few minutes ago on the Pre-XK forum. I’m using a Windows-based desktop computer, the upload arrow lets me select files from a Windows directory window which pops up when the up-arrow is pressed.

Despite what I wrote above back in 2016 I’ve found the quickest way, for me at least, is to save the picture to my desktop and then drag it to where I want in the post I’m composing. Either that or just “copy” and then “paste” it where you want it.

finally got it to work seems a bit convoluted however

You can just drag and drop them into the message pane

Simplest way is to just open the image in a browser, photo viewer or almost any other app, right click “Copy image”, then paste into the J-L edit window using Ctrl-V. I’m sure a similar method exits in iOS as well.

A really nice feature would be the option to link your Google Photos account to Discord so when you’re posting from your computer it gives you an option to upload directly from Google Photos without the middle action of downloading the photo to your computer first.

If it is a picture you’ve taken on your phone, it’s easy to compose from your phone. No downloading to computer then uploading. Same functionality when replying via email. Also, at least on my iPhone (I prefer Android, but it’s a work issued phone), you have the option to take a picture directly from the composition; no navigating away from the app you’re working in, but does seem like lower resolution than a photo taken from the normal camera app.

Like WordPress:

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I dont get a paste option

Right-clicking in Windows will almost always give you a menu with one or more paste options. You can also use the Ctrl-V hotkey.

Google Drive is a flaky, unreliable, unusable POS. It is so fundamentally crippled and buggy, I gave up on it eons ago. I don’t know how anyone actually uses it. Even “sneakernet” is better…

I had a hard time with that either, post the pictures on the left side, then
when you logged into the Forum , when your in the Forum just grab the
picture from the left side and drag it into your article on the Forum.