Postings - Date and Time

G’day Gunnar/Nick…

A regular problem with postings on all sites, is that they are date stamped as per local time of poster and not an absolute common real time…

For example, when I make a posting here in Australia it shows up at AEST, which is 10-20 hours ahead of any readers in Europe, UK or USA, so if they RESPOND to my posting, which is recorded as being at their local time, then there response to my posting sdhows up as being made before I actually made my original posting.

It really gets pretty crazy when there are back and forward postings and responses from different time zones…

Hi Roger,

The server operating system is set to UTC, and the forum software doesn’t even have a time zone setting “under the hood.” Everything that happens on the forums is recorded in UTC in the database. “An absolute common real time,” as you put it.

You can set a time zone for you, in your personal preferences, but that setting applies to your experience only. I think it defaults to whatever your browser reports, but you can override it.

As I understand it, since my time zone settings in my preferences is set to America/Los_Angeles, everything I see, including your posts, is displayed to me in Pacific time. And that is indeed exactly how it appears.

Can you point me to a discussion where it appears the posts are out of order? (Find a post, click the three dots, then the chain link symbol, copy the URL, and post it here.)


Next time I have an example I will forward.
But it does happen often, albeit I cannot see pattern/logic.

For instance I raised this post two hours ago, so 9:00am on Monday 26th April, but I see in post it shows as being raised 25th April - so thats back to front on what I was asking about.
Maybe something to do with individual settings of whoever posts…way above my pay grade…

Hm. Is the time right, but the date wrong? By right I mean right for your time zone.

Or, are both wrong?


My original posting was local AEST time c9:00am on 26th April, but if you look at thread, it shows being made on 25th April, which it was local time then in UK and USA…
But that’s strange, as my original complaint was that my 9:00am 26 April posting is shown usually AFTER your response of 25th (your time), and not before hand.

So buggered if I know what is now happening, my initial concern was seeing UK/USA responses BEFORE I asked my question/comment, rather than them actually being submitted AFTER my question/comment…

Is it something to do with the international date line?

That’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking you exactly what time the forum is telling you the post was made now, after the fact.

Open the thread to your post. In the top right corner of the post, click the time display (“7 hours” or “yesterday” or whatever it’s saying). This should give you the exact time stamp.

Is it correct? Is the time correct, but the date wrong? Or something else … ?