Power Delivery Issue

Hi all,

I recently purchased a 58 plate X-Type estate 2.0D, manual to try and save, as it was too good to see scrapped, however…

My mechanic and I are at a loss with the power issue the car is suffering, we have checked or done the following:

EGR clean (and then delete after no initial change)
DPF clean
Boost pipe not split
Turbo boosting
Full service
Injector cleaner
Fuel system cleaner
Injector seals
Cam gasket
MAP sensor replacement
MAF sensor replacement

The OBD reader is not throwing up any faults either. I may have missed a couple of things off, we’ve checked that damn much!

Basically all the usual culprits have been checked or done and we still can’t get to the bottom of it.

The car just seems to lack any power and to get anything out of it, needs to be very high RPM - doesn’t like to be under 2k RPM at any speed it seems. The engine does seem to run pretty smoothly, albeit with a little black smoke out of the exhaust still when booted.

Has anyone had a similar problem or have any suggestions as to what we can look at next? Help would be much appreciated, as it’ll be broken for parts if I can’t resolve it, which would be a real shame!

Have you done a pressure check with spark plugs out and hot?
Have you checked the spark plug firing?
Have you checked the electric timing to the timing mark?


I would suggest pulling the injectors and bench cleaning them. Injector fluid will only help with slightly fouled injectors.

The high revving but low power has me stumped. Any restrictions in the fuel system or exhaust, I would expect to show up under high revs.