Power steeing problem

Hi all just joined the Forum.
I own a 1967 Jaguar 340 (mk2) and I have a problem with the power steering.
Yesterday I was driving back form Brize Norton after a great day of wings and wheels, unfortunately the power steering failed whilst I was on full right lock. Initially there was a sreeching noise which cleared after a while. I was then able to drive the car but with no power steering. There is no fluid loose and the drive is still turning the pump ok. I did have the pump refurbished about 18 months ago but I don’t think it’s a standard pump as I was unable to source a replacement.

As the pump is a pit of a pain to remove I thought I’d ask if anyone has had a similar problem.
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Screeching normally suggests a belt slipping or jammed pump, but you say that’s all okay. I did experience a similar loss of PAS when the pump had decided it had had enough - no leaks, no particular noise, just assistance ceased. Stating the obvious:

  1. Check the fluid is correct (TQF).
  2. Assuming your car has the generator driven pump, whilst a pain, remove the pump and check the condition of the drive ‘dog’ - if that has gone awry - they do wear - that could lead to noise / loss of assistance. The image is from an online supplier.

If required I have an original hobourn eaton pump (generator driven) on the shelf refurbished by Kiley Clinton last year but from your comment no use to you if running a non-standard set up.

Is your car a ‘real’ 340 with thin bumpers or a late Mark 2 3.4 with thick bumpers badged 340 to sell off excess inventory of leftover Mark 2 3.4 cars with ambla interiors? In any case I experienced the same problem with my car which was cured by replacing the power steering pump filter. The factory service manual stipulates filter must be replaced every 20000 miles

Thanks for your reply Trigger. My pump is not generator drives it’s a separate unit driven by a belt from the crank pulley. It is definitely the same correct TQ oil as I blew out the system with an air line and replaced all old oil with fresh. I was a little concerned noise at the time as it sounded like a crtial6 fail but everything seems OK apart from the power assist.

Thanks again

I’m at the limit of my knowledge - only suggestion is the pump itself has failed - if after market / from another installation is it possible to obtain a second hand unit to check, or remove and have the pump you have tested?

Best of luck.

Hi and thanks for that I didn’t even realise it had a filter I’ll have to see if I can locate it. My car is a real 340 with the thin bumpers but I’m suspicious the pump has been replaced from the original one fitted as the is an unused bracket at the side of it.

No worries Trigger I think I am as well plus the fact it’s getting more difficult to do the jobs under the car these days as unfortunately I a now got Parkinson’s, which can get very frustrating.

Hi Allan,
I can empathise with you although not as a result of Parkinson’s but I also now have physical limitations working on our cars.
The original set up (if fitted) was a reservoir with filter, pump on back of generator, and steering box. If you have an after market / modified set up the filter/reservoir housing may have been removed.

If your car has the factory installed filter you can easily access it from above with no need to crawl under the car. Just unscrew the nut on top of the reservoir and the top can easily be removed along with the spring loaded filter . I bought my replacement filter from SNG Barratt. But before ordering the new filter, make sure the old one is the culprit here. Open the reservoir, remove the old filter, then top off the reservoir with fluid and replace the top. Then, start up the engine. I would not recommend driving a distance in a filterless manner, but just try , with the engine running, turning the steering wheel lock to lock. If the situation has markedly improved, all you need is a new filter.

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Thanks again for the info. I’m convinced mine is not standerd. I’ll take some pictures and upload them when I can.


Reservoir fitted to my 340

PS pump fitted to my 340

This is a after marked pump and reservoir, looks like the same as I have.
Same location of the pump also.
Also I have no idea what pump this is.
Do you still have the original steering Box?
As I have a steering rack attached to this pump.
Could be the pump is broken.

Hi Peter and thank for your reply. This is the steering rack fitted so it appears it’s pretty much the same as your system. Have you got a filter fitted as I can not find one on the system at all. However, from all the comments it seems the most likely fault is the pump. I going to bit the bullet and remove it again.

This is indeed the same system, it has NO filter.
Only Difference I see is the hoses going to the RHS.
But I have a LHS steering Rack

Hi again Peter, I have now removed the pump and taken it to SNG who are going to get it checked for me.

It’s nice to know that at least its not an odd ball system and that there are others the same.

Thanks again