Power steering centralisation

Hi All
Is it correct that a marles variomatic adwest steering box does not have a center return posision, in other words
you need to turn into a corner and also turn the wheel to come back to center ???
Can anyone help with this

Yes it has a center, there is a plate with a notch and a hole underneath, at the steering column on the steeringbox. Put a pin in there for center adjustment.
I have a variomatic on my S-type, it does not really go back to center, when driving, just a little bit.

Peter Jan

This may be related to you issue, centering of the steering wheel after making a turn is partly a function of the caster setting on the suspension. But even if set correctly the wheel may not come back to exactly the center position and need some assistance. Additional point: a while back when I changed the nylon bushings at the top and bottom of the column I failed to add sufficient lubricant to them and due to increased friction the car would not self center (I am using a steering rack on my 3.8S) and I had to turn the wheel back to center. Lubricating the bushings with some oil cured the problem.

Ihave the Marles box in 5 cars. The S-type got one in 1986, and made an enormousmdifference.
One of the other boxes has the thick washer with a cutout for an Allen key to line up with the holw in the cast box. Must have been lost over the years on the other boxes.

And on one of the boxes there is no drilled hole for the Allen key to enter when aligned with the large splined washer with a cut out. Strange. This box has the airing screw towards the front of the lid, rather than nearer the steering column entry side…?!