Power steering Fluid choices?

(Dean Kitching) #1

hi, I need to top up my fluid in my 08 CV8 and the handbook says Pentosin CHF202 PAS which seems to be a bit obscure here in Aus…and nearly $50/litre…but if its what I have to have I’ll buy some, but are there any alternatives, and is this the same fluid that’s been recommended by Jaguar since the XJ40’s? as I still have some of that…

(David Jauch) #2

Hi, have you searched for all the numbers, maybe other dealers have it cheaper? Also, I know shipping is expensive but isn’t there any cheaper option online? You can maybe compare the spec sheet with that of your `40 leftover fluid.
Good luck, david

(Dean Kitching) #3

Thanks, online is where I’m getting the pricing, I’m a bit rural…I’ll see if I can find some specs on the old stuff I have, cheers…