Power Steering Hose Routing - Series III

I am in the process of restoring a beautiful 1985 XJ6. About 6 months ago I removed the power steering pump to rebuild and install new hoses. The hoses have arrived. However, my pictures of the routing of the high and low pressure hoses were corrupted when my camera decided to update the software, thank-you very much. I want to make sure I route the hoses properly as they would have been from the factory. I have been searching for pictures or diagrams for the hose routing and have not been successful in locating any. Could I please ask someone to snap a picture of their hose routing on a XJ6 or if someone knows of a location where there are some good pictures of the routing I would be forever grateful. Thank-you in advance.

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Thank-you! This diagram gave my memory the help it needed to place all of the parts, packing block, hose clips, hoses, along the frame where the hoses are placed. I appreciate your reply to my forum request.

Aristides, Steven,
That diagram shows the XJ12 or XJ-S V12 arrangement with the power steering fluid cooler. The XJ6 doesn’t have a power steering fluid cooler.


Hi Paul,

Thank-you for that bit of info. I was fairly sure I had all of the parts set out on the work table and no cooler. Glad I’m not that forgetful, yet! :slight_smile:

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Aristides, Steven,
That diagram shows the XJ12 or XJ-S V12 arrangement with the power steering fluid cooler. The XJ6 doesn’t have a power steering fluid cooler.


Here is a picture of the restored engine bay of my former 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas, with the engine removed, that shows the power steering hose routing circled in red.


PERFECT!!! That is EXACTLY what I needed! I like the protective shielding. I think I will add that as well. Very nice work by the way!


Thank you for the kind words.
From Dec 2018 to about June 2019 I posted a string of emails and many pictures with the subject line “Engine Transplant 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas” where I detailed the removal of the failing 200K mile engine in my concours condition 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas and replaced it with a nicely running engine from a crash damaged 1987 XJ6. You should check it out in the archives. The picture of the power steering hose that I just posted was just one of hundreds of pictures that I took during that project although I only posted a few pictures from time to time to document my progress.
You should check the archives as you might find some of the pictures that I posted helpful to your work.


Thanks for correcting me Paul, didn’t occurred to me that the XJ6 would not have a power steering cooler… Clearly a cost saving thing.
Also the power steering pump seems to be on the opposite side from the V12.

Yes, the XJ6 power steering pump is on the right side of the engine while the V12 power steering pump is on the left side.
I have no idea why the V12 cars have a power steering fluid cooler while the XJ6 does not. Perhaps the heat generated by the V12 required the additional cooling? Our 1990 XJ-S convertible and 1990 V12 Vanden Plas both have 5.3L V12 engines and they both have the power steering fluid coolers.


Aye, I recall removing the lips along the low front edge to free the hoses.

The lines for my lump run similarly…

I also wondered as to the lack of a PS cooler??

But, in either configuration,it seemed to not be missed…

And, by design, the LT1 runs hotter… 190 - 200 F is fine…