Power steering rack reconnecting steering wheel shaft

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #1

Have to lower the steering rack by 1-2 inches or so to get lower bolt out of front suspension A arm
steering rack pipe clips but leave pipes connected

__When I disconnect disconnect steering rack pinch bolt do I have to pry off steering input shaft?
And most important:
__On reassembly does steering input shaft only go on one way? Is it keyed? If not it may be tricky to keep steering wheel alignment?

Thanks to all

(motorcarman) #2

I can’t remember if the rack can be manipulated enough without removing the lower column from the pinion shaft. I would try that before removing the pinch bolt.

I also can’t remember if there is a slot or the entire shaft has a groove all the way around.
I used to work on these everyday years ago but hardly see them anymore for repair.

I would mark the shaft/column for alignment upon installation if you remove it.


(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #3

Turns out the racks evenly-uniformly grooved-non keyed input shaft there is a cut-curved section milled off the side of the racks input shaft and if you dont have the linkage in the right grooves at the right depth-location you will never get it on…
did this at night outdoors about 40 degrees yeah not a good time for rack moment of discovery yes took me awhile before I realized why it was not going on, it may be possible to loosen bolts on say passenger side then remove the bolts from drivers side (4 easily visible bolts secure rack without bushings direct to the subframe) and maybe the drivers side pivot bolt head might be accessable.
Jaguar should have had some oil holes or zirc grease fittings for the pivot bolt and bolt should have been non rusting alloy also I could easily design a Pivot Bolt that would come out the front and leave the rack in place… dropping the rack was easy getting it back up had to use a jack for support with one person is a PITA manual is terribly remiss in tips added info… I suppose I am an experienced GURU now oh it was nice to drop the spring quickly with floor jack worked a treat, getting it back up jack only got pan about 1.5 inches away and then the car started to lift so had to use mu home made tool it was a breeze and tool seemed unfazed unstressed… cut my rod at 19 inches though I think 18 inches would be OK too spring free length was 16 inches so tool needs to be 16 (spring free length) plus cross TEE pivot at top and threads for your nut and we only had 3-4 washers on PAN and it worked AOK Thanks to ALL

Brad 89 XJ6