Power steering rebuild failure

A few weeks ago my power steering dumped all its fluid on my way home. The last few miles the steering was heavy.

I removed the steering box and pump and had them both professionally rebuilt. I reinstalled them and filled the system with fluid. I started the car with the front wheels off the ground. After 15 or so lock to lock turns the steering had mostly bled itself. I drove for a mile or so, but the steering quickly got heavy again. I’ve tried to re-bleed them by turning the wheel lock to lock with the car jacked up, but still have no power assist. There is lots of fluid in the system.

I’m rather frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be?

Look for the simple stuff first:

Did you get the drive dog at the back of the genny in correctly?
Is the belt slipping from oil contamination?

The hoses sometimes come apart from the inside/out and turn into one way valves. Have a hydraulic shop make new ones using your fittings (if not available new anymore).


After taking it apart again, I realized that the drive dog was indeed on it’s last legs. It was simply worn out, and not engaging all the way. It just so happened that it chose the moment right after I got it all put back together to give up the ghost.

Thanks for your help on this one.


Brilliant diagnosis Andrew. I shall remember that one.

In my opinion always better when solving an issue to find something else that needs attention than finding the work that was just done faulty.