Power steering reservoir 3.8 MK2 parts drawing

I am putting a. 63 MK2 together, received disassembled.During my assembly of the power steering reservoir I believe a plate is missing. The shaft is threaded into the base, filter sits on base, there is a spring that goes over the shaft. I then have the cover which is secured by the threaded shaft. There is nothing holding the filter to the base, the spring is not putting preasure on neither the filter or the cover.
The parts drawing from SNG is not detailed.

This any good , from a MK10 book !


This is same as SNG Barratt. You will notice there is no shaft (threaded rod that goes thru cover and reservoir and into base). There is a spring that goes thru the filter, sits around the shaft. There has to be
something that holds the filter securely to the base of the reservoir.

On my 64, here’s how it works:
The filter sits directly on plate #12 in illustration
Washer #9 sits on top filter
Bolt #1 screws into shaft #7, which is itself attached to #11
The spring applies pressure between the top cover #6 and the washer #9, holding the filter down.
When I undo bolt #1, the top cover pops up.

I didn’t check to see how #7 and #11 are attached, but looks like #7 is threaded.

Killer58. no drawing attached. Based on your description sounds like I am missing #9 the washer which holds down the filter. Seems llike there would be a lot of pressure on the spring between the washer and the top cover. If can send me dimensions of washer?

Drawing just came tru. I will try to source #9. If you have the dimensions I may just use a standard washer.

It’s a very thin, but dished, washer, 1.35 in in diameter with a 0.42 in hole


I’m guessing a 1 1/2 in fender washer would do the trick.

Thanks, I am putting this car back together. Belonged to a 92 year old gentleman from Canada. It is like a puzzle, especially with the mixed nuts and bolts, standard, metric and British standard

Jaguar Manuals are very good , and very handy at showing you how things go together , if you lay the parts out , you can see what is missing , next time :thinking:

This most helpful image and note as below was provided by our late friend and major contributor to Jag-lovers, Andrew Waugh, who died last year.

Cast Al Mount (with O-rings)
Two spigots, threaded into bottom of mount
Sheet metal bent into a “Tube” inserted into top of offcenter hole in mount
Reservoir “Bowl”.
Clamping plate
Spreader/filter base
Spigot, threaded through spreader, clamping plate, bowl, into base.

power steering reservoir

Andrew helped me out a few times , gone but not forgotten :disappointed:

Can you recommend a good manual. I could not find in any MK2 manual that I have. Killer58 sent me a MK10 exploded view which showed the retainer.

I can’t recommend 1 , some have good parts some bad , Haynes is ok , but I love the Autobooks 795 manual for its few pages of Technical data , The Jaguar MK2 service manual is ok , but did not have the detail diagram of the filter housing I posted , that come out the service manual for the 3.8 MK10 .
Funny , normally you can rely on the spare parts catalogue , for parts you need , but can’t even see the spring or washer listed :thinking:
If I see a book manual that is new to me normally I will buy it , but on saying that , if you ask there is normally someone who can help !
Pic is from the poor MK2 Spares catalogue