Power steering reservoir return hose

The previous owner of my 90 had removed the ride adjustment components to static and blocked them off. During my engine swap I removed the pump off the front and Y hose to the reservoir, but still needed a hose for the power steering. In a pinch, I used a 3/8 bulk coolant hose, but of course now its collapsed and not allowing fluid to the pump.
I can’t seem to find bulk hi temp, higher pressure hose for this application - even in the autozone, napa stores. Anyone have ideas?

Locally, I buy hoses (custom or not) from Green line, maybe there’s a similar store in the states?


Do you have O’Reilly Auto Parts stores in your area? They seem to have a good selection of such things. Alternatively, how about an industrial supply house or repair facility that deals in hydraulics?

Something like this:

Yes, I found a hydraulics supply store locally that had it all. We are back to steering again…