Power Steering Resevoir Substitute?

The PS resevoir on my 1992 Vanden Plas has a crack in it that causes fluid to leak. I’m having trouble sourcing the part and am wondering if anyone knows of other resevoirs that would work. My resevoir is one that originally serviced both the PS and the load leveling rear end. The latter system had been replaced with a conventional system, so now the resevoir only serves the power steering system. I recognize a different resevoir would need a different mounting approach, at least.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

If looks aren’t an issue I soldered my brake resevoir and covered with 5200 to stop my brake reservoir leak. Weedwhacker string was great for solder.

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Thanks David. That’s a good idea. I assume you used a conventional soldering iron. Were you able to do the repair in place, or did you remove the resevoir?

I did it in place, sloppy but no more leaks.

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