Power steering shims and Jag site complaint

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #1

Called Jag dealer my parts specialist there who normally is quite good. SHIMS for ZIFF racks…
The MMA3891BA and SPC1059 he says are not valid numbers
Last rack # for an 89 XJ was MMA3891AA for new one and MMA3891AAE for remanufactured both unavailable

COMPLAINT no way to contact Jaglovers
1st__ at 1024x768 (most common most shared resolution) the POST dialog is half off the screen as is the LOGIN dialog. Should not be that way.
2__ Endless scroll on anything I thought most techy sites hate the endless scroll and if done too much can very easily crash many browsers. I agree with techy sites …useless addition. Also makes it very hard to find anything again if its a LONG page divided into pages much easier to renavigate.
3__ the Email Jaglovers dialog not working How about something deceptively simple like listing an email. The dialog says pick social media and or browser like Firefox and I have Firefox and NOTHING happens I get a blank screen… yeah great feedback with that.
4 Simple is usually the best way
Using FF 54.0.1

( Larry ) #2

Hi - I think you need to update your Firefox, I think FF 54.0.1 is a few years back?

Netscape and Mosaic users might have problems displaying the site too.

(Robin O'Connor) #3

Not sure what the last part of the post has to do with the question at hand?

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #4

So sorry but the last of the post applies to anything and everything

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #5

Mosaic stopped in 1997 21 years ago
Netscape stopped in 2007 11 years ago
Yes they are part of the birth of the internet universe
Firefox 54 is not years old it was released June 2017 and is still a modern browser unlike Mosaic or Netscape
So yes not so concerned with ancient browsers but a 2017 Firefox browser is hardly ancient and should be considered as it still is in use
Thanks for the input

(Wayne Canter) #6

Considering my version of firefox is 63.0.3 and considered up to date I could see where version 54 would be considered old and in need of updating. Question being is your computer new enough to use the newest version effeciently. I’m no computer expert like you imply you are but am savy enough to know that can be a factor and plays into the equation.
Curious as to others that know more then I do what their responses will be.

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #7

If one considers 1.5 years old and only designs for the latest version I can guarantee a loss of viewership, Certainly would not be a good formula for a retail site.
Many in the tech community are wary of any new software or update and research the update before taking the plunge. No one wants a failed network or business computer but most home users take a more laid back attitude.

Id love to have the latest but only if it works without creating an unexpected problem as some updates can do. Just look at the tech community on Micorsoft Updates on which ones to not even install (although MS rates many of them Critical Updates when sometimes it is a MS fib) … Better to be wary than to have the latest
Appreciate your input

( Larry ) #8

Click on the three lines (hamburger) between the search magnifying glass and your avatar page upper right. When the dialog opens, you can either select ‘site feedback’ from the list and post something there for the admins to read, or click on ‘about’ at the bottom.
If you go the ‘about’ route, a page opens with the three admins ID’s displayed. Clicking on any name will allow you to message them when their card appears.

If you MUST use email, go down the page and click on the link at the bottom left. This will take you to an old site page and scrolling down exposes the ‘website query’ link which will open up your email program with the email addy in place, ready to write whatever you want.

Probably easier to update the browser though, eh?

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #9

yes and no we never update because on one site have no troubles on any other site and endless scroll is just not the “hit” it once was.
Newer versions of Firefox keep dropping features of past version to the dismay of techies…You know where it is all going your software and PC and car and toaster will all be not reparable by a layperson and be fully automatic and probably spying on you too… along with your car too

( Larry ) #10

Not me buddy, I know what I’m doing!

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #11

Sorry … unless you are running a full blown network computer test lab you can’t possibly know what will “happen” or what features will be lost without you being a beta tester or you reading all the tech sites regarding the update or new version.
Yes we all like to think of ourselves that we know what we are doing likely why they say men never ask for directions…
But heck if it works OK for you … no worries.

( Larry ) #12

Actually I have one of those so I should be OK, right?

Anyway, nice as it is to have the forum full of activity, I think that’ll do it for now.
Sorry you can’t read the site properly. :cry:

(Andrew Waugh) #13

You’ve already posted your complaint here, are you planning to add it to all future posts?