Pray for your Friend Ray Livingstone's house and shop


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Mary and I are hoping for the best for Ray, David and Debbie and you and your family Lloyd. Some great Jaguar friends are too close to this fire.

My Thoughts are with you Ray, Lloyd and David and their families. I share the concern for those who have lost their homes in these fires, horrible disaster.
Kindest regards,

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Like all the others here , and to all of you in the path of these fires. Your in my thoughts and prayers as well. Will follow this closely. Wish there was a way to help but dunno from the opposite side of the country.
Stay safe !!!

“…e in 2003 (like 6 feet clo…” Now, THAT’S close!!

Society has discovered discrimination as the great social weapon by which one may kill men without any bloodshed.
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On Sunday afternoon, just after the fire took off, a beer on the back deck might have been nice (and yes, we could see the flames, when it flared up):-

Now the deck is covered in ash, and drinking beer not high on my to do list:-

That’s the same view with the sun at 11am! Thanks everyone for you kind thoughts and concern. Unless the wind reverses I think we and Lloyd will be out of the path of the 3 fires in our area, but a lot of our local friends will not be as lucky. Our thoughts go out to them. Fortunately, temperatures here were 20 degrees lower than for the past 6 days, and there is a little bit of marine layer fog coming in to cool things down at night. We need that to continue to give the fire fighters all the help they need. Stay safe everyone.


Hope you all get through this unscathed. Good luck.

Ray, David, Lloyd and anyone else. I’m in the East Bay, Walnut Creek to be specific. If you need another set of hands to gather things together, drive a car out or anything please do let me know. Ray you must be driving through Walnut Creek to get next door to Concord.
I’m semi retired and have the time, don’t hesitate to putting me to work.

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Ray sorry about being late to this thread but if there is anything I can do to help here in San Jose don’t hesitate to ask. At the least I have a space for your car in my garage.

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doing as requested in several religions. best wishes and regards, john

Ray/Peggy, David/Debbie thanks for your ‘warm’ hospitality in 2016. Praying you get through this ‘annus horribilis’ unscathed. Same to you Lloyd. For some reason I remembered the Livingstons being waaay north of the Langleys but with 11,000 lightning strikes I see they are within reach of the same humungous outbreaks. Lord bless you all.

Here is a view from the GOES-S satellite- those aren’t clouds across the western US…

Thanks Robert, you are very kind. At our (my) end, we are fine. The closest fire to David and me is just sitting so far, no wind to mention.
I haven’t heard from him in a couple days, will call in a while.
I am hoping the fire burned its way around Rays place and has run out of fuel near his home. I can’t remember a very wide fire ring around his place. But he’s been here (the list) and is safe.
For those of you who remember Mike Moore, he is also close. Morgan Hill, between here and San Jose off 101 to the east.

Society has discovered discrimination as the great social weapon by which one may kill men without any bloodshed.
Hannah Arendt

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No, they are not: this pall of smoke rivals, and may be worse, than it was here, in 2012.

A couple more days of this unrelenting heat, and the Hayman fire will be the 2nd largest Colorado has ever had.

How many years have I driven through the Breck valley, and environs, looked at the stupendous number of dead and dying lodgepole, and wondered when–not if–one lightning strike, one carelessly tossed-out cig butt, was going to make it all go poof?

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Read too fast and overlooked that you are there as well Lloyd
Best of luck to you , family and the Pet.

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We just got a video of someone driving down the main road past our house. Everything on the other side of the road is burned, but, somehow, around our house appears completely untouched! Best info is still 37 houses on our little road gone, ours and 15 others somehow spared.
The video looks like a war zone. Burned cars in the main road, all small vegetation gone, debris everywhere, yet some kind of force field protected those 16 homes.
Thanks all for you good thoughts and kind offers of help. I have no clue what will happen for the next several weeks. Unlikely we’ll be able to move back in for weeks, and won’t even be able to get in for a look for days, it weeks.
Saw this AM that the road Mike Moore lives on is now closed, so I hope he and Connie are ok. I hope Lloyd, Arlene, and David and his wife come through this unscathed


That’s great news, unfortunately coming out of a terrible situation. Let’s hope your luck holds. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Just put in a call to Mike: no joy, on the mobile, left a msg on his land line.

Just talked to Mike and Connie Moore. They evacuated yesterday, and are now in a hotel in Morgan Hill. They did not see any fire in the immediate area of their house before they left (and you can see a good, long ways from the big, high deck of their house). But, they’re doing fine, just waiting it out…

Ray L.


Huge sigh of relief Ray…but I am saddened for your neighbor’s losses. I think these fires can be very fickle about who they affect and who they don’t. Over the last couple of month’s me and the wife have been looking at homes in Morgan Hill (Mike Moore’s area) and the Santa Cruz mountains, thinking we might want to move out of our dense city neighborhood and away from all the leaf blowers. Maybe we should rethink that strategy.