RLay and the list:

 Inop lites in the console shifter would more than likely be dirt in 
 the slideswitch or adjustment of same.  The lights themselves that 
 glow when you select different gears, are small diodes that very 
 rarely burn out. You can actually test them utilizing the voltage of a 
 9v multimeter in the "diode" position. There is one central light 
 located in the front of the console that lights up the whole console. 
 The lights in the panel (on dash) if failed, bang on console shifter, 
 don't change selection. If light comes on then problem is in console. 
 If not bang on dash, it could be a cold solder in dash unit. 
 I posted a remote door lock installation a while back, utilizing the 
 existing controller in the overhead area, did you see it?
 Ron 89 xj40 from hell