Pre HE 5.3 Crankshaft Sensor

My 1976 Pre He XJC has an aftermarket ECU fitted and uses a locked distributor as a crankshaft sensor. A camshaft sensor has been installed in the right bank to tell the ECU when the engine is at TDC on number 1 cyl.

The current system works OK but it would be better if there was a dedicated crank sensor with more pulses going to the ECU.

So can a latter engine crank sensor be retro fitted to the pre HE engine or installing something like a trigger wheel and sensor to the front pulley. Has anyone done this on their V12.



Many options depending on what your aftermarket ECU will handle! The flywheel sensor holder from a Marelli car will bolt right onto a TH400 and they are still available new… but does your 76 have a Borg Warner? Maybe if it does you could fabricate something. Marelli cars used two sensors because there is no missing tooth on a flywheel! So a second sensor was up front on the crank, and that used a three legged device bolted to back of the crank damper. The very last 6.0 XJ12 Denso cars had a sensor hole drilled into the cam shaft cover. The Mobeck ECU kit uses only one sensor, and a custom made gapped plate bolted behind the front damper too, but many more teeth than Marelli, and with a missing tooth. Mobeck includes a little mount to replace the crank degree wheel that holds the sensor for non Marelli cars.

Thanks John - I have a BW 12 auto in my car. By the sound of it I might be better fitting a 32-1 trigger wheel and sensor behind the front damper as Mobeck have done.