Pre HE V12: how do I know the right cam is on the right bank?

This occurred to me because a few things have been incorrect in the previous head rebuild on my 76 V12.

So after the laborious job of setting the tappet clearances and taking out the cams one last time I’d just like to know how I can tell if the correct cam is on bank A and Bank B?

I labelled them when I first took them out but just in case they were already on the wrong banks. Car had no power when I bought it but I’ve found endless reasons for that so far…

Thanks again. Malc

You can’t possibly mix them up. One cam is longer than the other.

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Ha ha Thanks Kirby!!!


I never noticed difference in camshaft length.
Due to the bores being offset in the block by a big end width you can see if you drop the wrong cam into either side the lobes do not line up on the tappets.

Ha ha thank god for that! It’s all in now with hopefully perfect valve clearances. Next is getting the timing cover, sandwich plate and sump in. Then exhaust manifolds and engine mounts and the V12 will be going back into its freshly painted engine bay.