[pre-xk] 3 1/2 Mark V Saloon Clutch Replacement Advice?

Hi folks, can anyone advise on clutch replacement methods for the 3
1/2 Mark V Saloon? Three choices come to mind, which ones work? Can
the clutch be pulled and replaced by tipping the engine down in
back on loose front engine mounts (and pulling the tranny plus bell
housing)? Does the engine plus tranny need to come out through the
front, or should it be dropped out the bottom as the manual
recommends? I’ve ordered the parts for the fun, which way is the
most fun? Thanks.–
Roger McWilliams
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I have always done it by removing the radiator and fog lights and pulling
the engine and gearbox out the front together. There is also a cross bar
behind the radiator that has to also come out. Also remove the shift lever
and disconnect the speedometer cable. Be careful when removing the clutch
pedal operating shaft, don’t pull it out all the way through the chassis
rail. There is a big flat washer inside there that will fall inside the rail
and you’ll never get it out. It acts as a bearing surface for the big spring
on the shaft.
Rob Reilly - 627933