[pre-xk] Fitting halogens to " our" cars

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Yes, definitely fit a relay (or rather a dual relay) if you
install halogens. The current may not be a big issue and can
easily be calculated, but the bigger problem is the way the
current starts. Conventional bulbs ‘‘light up’’ slowly (I love
the way they look! :wink: but halogens light up immediately
causing a peak once they are switched on. This can easily
burn your dip switch or main headlight switch.

Ask me how I know? I did this for my E-type 10 years ago
when I could not get it registered in here with the sealed
beams, sure I got more light, but then I had to return to
the garage one night in October without any lights (!) of
course I ran into (well not literally, but anyway) a police
patrol just one block before my garage. Luckily they
understood why I would not want to just leave the car parked
on the street and told me to be extra careful! Like as if I
wouldn’t have been otherwise…


Pekka T.

PS. I am planing on using ‘‘old’’ lights on the MK5 however.
Just for looks!–
The original message included these comments:

I remember a discussion on another ‘‘old cars’’ mailing list, with
raised about the higher current drawn by halogens, and also (but I
find that specific post anymore) about a sudden and brief peak when
on which can possibly affect the original circuit…
I am not planning on installing a completely new wiring harness (not
absolutely necessary, that is), but maybe I should plan on using

MK 5 3.5L DHC, E-type 2+2 Ser.1, XJ6C Manual, XJ8 Executive
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