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Hi Omaha

The original front windscreen seal on the 1937 1-1/2 litre consisted of two
sections which are listed in the Spare Parts Catalogue as “Rubber Outer”
Detail No 317B, and “Rubber Inner (Sorbo)” 9’ - 6" in each case

I have been unable to track down either of these rubber sections, however a
workable arrangement can be made by using a 1/2" x 3/16" rectangular section
in the frame which is attached to the windscreen opening on the car while a
1/4" round section can be glued into the recess around the window frame.
Both these sections should have a degree of compressibility as they bear
together when the window is closed. The designation “sorbo” suggests to me
that the original section could have had this characteristic

Unfortunately, I cannot find any samples or offcuts of the sections which I
used when I faced the same problem about six years ago, however I could send
you a sketch if you feel it would be of help

Regards Steve

In reply to a message from S I Byles sent Thu 22 Jan 2009:

The ‘rubber outer’ section was still in my saloon.
It was in section rather like the male fertility symbol in cross
A round tail which locked in the frame and an arrow head
protruding that pressed into the sorbo rubber that was in the
chrome surround in the body.

I had a sample and a collegue in the motor rubber industry made
suggestions on manufacture.

John’s restorer felt that it wouldn’t fit in his screen … I
think he was looking at the large groove in the frame not the small
Making the rubber would have involved some capital outlay.

I wouldn’t have minded getting a length, but had a million other
projects to complete without taking more on…

If any one really need some I can take a sample of original to
the manufacturer and I have drawn a DXF programme to cut the die.

Or I’d be happy to supply the DXF programm, gratis to anyone who
would like to do it.–
Ed Nantes SS
Melbourne, Australia
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