[pre-xk] SS Tool Kits

Just posted three entries:

  1. A photo I took of a 1934 S.S.I Tourer boot mounted toolkit last
    year (flash was u/s so a bit grainy)

  2. Excerpt from a 1935 Instruction manual for the S.S.I and S.S.II
    showing the toolkit and toolroll with descriptions

  3. Photos of an SS100 toolroll courtesy of Bob Brosen

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Mark IV Mark V and SS Toolkits

Do you have any information on which tools were branded and what the brands were
for toolkits for the Mark IV 1.5 Litre 1946 OHV 1776cc
Were different Brands used under the same part number?
Specifically for:
Whitworth Open End Spanners
Box Spanners
Tommy Bars
Spark Plug Box Spanner
Tyre Pump
Adjustable Spanner

Ian Andrew

Roger Payne may have a more detailed answer.
This is what I have for Mark V.
Open end spanners - T/W Superslim or Snail brands, but smallest one has no brand
Box spanners - no brand
Tommy bars - no brand
Pliers - King Dick or Sheffield brands
Screwdriver - Sheffield brand
Tire pump - no brand
Adjustable spanner - Shelley brand or no brand
And yes, different brands may be under the same part number, so after 70 years the only way we can determine the usage is to observe a lot of tool kits believed to be more or less original.


Actually I am half way through preparing a very detailed/photos paper for publication in a local (Australian) Classic Jaguar Club magazine fully detailing Mark IV Tool Kits 1945 to 1949, including 1-1/2 litre variations from 2-1/2 & 3-1/2 litre cars, and most importantly the evolving detail (and brands) over this 1945 to 1949 period.

Contact me directly on rogerpayne@bigblue.net.au and I will assist you before publication of my paper.

But can you please advise your exact Chassis Number, and if you know it your exact date-of-manufacture, and preferably a scan of your JDHT Certificate (if you have one), and also a photo of your current overall tool tray, and indeed any tools you currently have.

SS-Jaguar is of course similar, but very different in pre-war detail, and Mark V is just very different, albeit an evolution following Mark IV.


OK… this thread has now gotten me off my dead tookus, and I’m off to list my Jaguar wrenches on eBay!