Pre-XK Supercar Tours

Over the past couple of years, I’ve done tours with JCNA, as well as several classic car tours with CCCA and the Florida Packard Club. Last year the West Palm Beach Concours held a supercar tour the day before the show. Limited to 30 cars…mostly Ferrari’s, McLarens, Lambos, a bunch of Porsche, an E-Type, a Pantera, and my 47 MK-IV saloon. It was crazy. We had FL State Police escort which were blocking off all side streets and traffic lights, while the tour cars blew through at 60-70 mph in mostly 35 mph zones. We were doing all we could to keep up, but having a blast. As soon as the last car would pass a cop, he’d blow by the tour at well over 100mph to get back in front to block off the next intersection. We toured over 30 miles that Saturday morning, then stopped at a luxury resort for lunch, where I was presented with the Director’s Trophy. He loved our car, and the fact that for the most part, we were able to keep up with the supercars…or at least keep them in sight. Anyways, my wife said enough is enough…we had our fun but never again.

Several; months ago the director called and asked if I would sign up for this year’s concours as he wanted my Jag there. I told him about my ‘new’ 1915 B.S.A., and he said he wanted that as well. So I signed them both up and we’re headed to the WPB Concours again on 10 Dec. This year it’s being held at Trump’s WPB golf resort. This morning my wife asked if we were doing the WPB supercar tour again. After reminding her of her last year’s comment, she told me to get entered before they either reach their 30-car max, or the 17 Nov deadline. So I submitted the application and called the organizer to ensure we got in. I told her we’d again be doing it in our 47 Mk IV. She said that’s fantastic, as the director loves our car.

This Saturday we are showing at the Sculpture in Motion Art Museum in WPB. Part of the show is a tour of WPB on Saturday afternoon, again with State Police escort. But I expect it will be much more subdued than next month’s supercar tour.