Preface lift vs facelift

(Maynard) #1

I took my 2011 XF in for service and got a 2018 as a loaner. I really prefer my own car for several reasons.

  1. It is quieter. I don’t know if it is because the loaner is a turbo 4 AWD and mine is Naturally aspirated V8.
    2, It is harder to get in and out. The rocker is higher and wider than on mine,

  2. It seems that mine is quicker.


(Gary Crosby 75 XJ6L, 85 XJ-S, 09 XF Supercharged.) #2

I’ve got a 2009 supercharged v8…its darn quick…and i like the looks of the earlier xf before they got the more XJ style grille.

(JimD in Alabama) #3

Wife’s 2009 is the SuperCharged 8. Lots of horsepower and like Gary’s and Maynard’s - -darn quick. But the huffer is loud!