Preferred Tires For Your XJ

Well, although I only have 15K on my 2011 XJL, the tires are timed out and I want to replace them. Factory tires are Pirelli’s and I never liked them on any vehicle I’ve owned. What’s the general consensus out there for good replacements. Michelens?

I have found that Continental tires on our XJL give a smooth quiet ride and are quite long lasting .
Kim R.

Thanks much. Any particular model you prefer?

I have a 2016 XJ and only put on about 3000 miles per year and would replace any tires I buy in 6 years, so I see no reason to buy tires with 45000 mile warranty. The Cooper Zeon RS3-S has a 20,000 mile warranty, has adequate load capacity and is speed rated. At my rate of mileage the warranty is perfect. Has any one used these tires?
A further question is the use of different tire widths on the front and back axles. I want to be able to rotate the tires front to back etc so I would like to use a set of four of the Coopers. I don’t plan on going track testing or using the car to carry heavy loads, so can any one see a reasonable disadvantage to doing this? I was thinking that maybe it would affect the ability to do a four wheel alignment? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

If you like tires that are so sticky, they’ll pick up everything but women, check out Kumhos: the closest thing to racing gumballs you can get for the street.

I just put on Michelin AS3+. I like them a lot.

To have 4 identical tires, you’ll need two new wheels, as the front and rear wheels are different widths.