Preparation for Recoloring Leather Seats

I sanded all areas of a currently black leather bucket seat in preparation for recoloring them to a mid-brown. I only scuffed the leather to give the new paint some tooth. I did not attempt to go completely through the black color. The leather appears to be stiff, probably due to its age, 1972 vintage. I am using Surflex from Color Plus.

Should I apply the leather softener before I apply the new color, or after?


It may depend upon the brand but–once you’ve recoated the leather, the softener can only get to it from the back! I’ve used clausen(?) on my dried out ,hard, leather with great results First softening it with their oil then filling the cracks then sanding and painting them to match the rest. the results were great! That company has been purchased by another country but still can be googled to find where to obtain their super stuff.