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I’m a french classic cars owner, i use to restore myself and i just buy my first jaguar xk140 DHC to restore.

Restoration is started in usa and the car will arrive in parts at home in france in 1,5/2 months!

As it seems to be impossible to find the book « jaguar xk140 explored », i was wondering what kind of book you could advise me to buy ( i think the service manual, the spare parts catalogue and the special catalogue for automatic gearbox).

My car is with automatic gearbox, that was not my first choice and i planned to convert with a 5 speed manual gearbox but after reflection, i not so sure and i woukd like to have different opinion about the borg warner gearbox because i may keep it in the end

So nice to meet you and sorry for my english!



Your “bad” English is about 100 times better than my French!

Almost undoubtedly, someone here has done the conversion from an autobox to a manual: there is a ton of information in the archives, if you spend the time (not the best search function).

in fact I first want to have several point of view of differents owner about WB ( reliability, confort, performance) because I’ really not conviced by converting it…

I’ve only drive a 120 OTS one time , that’s my only experience and i don’t know any owner of AUTO XK in my relationship.

Bonjour Stephane:

No experience with an automatic XK140, but I did once own a Mk IX saloon with a Borg-Warner automatic. I would have loved to have had a manual in that car. While a suitable transmission for a large saloon, I personally found it a tad sluggish and did not kick down as quickly as I would have liked. The only redeeming feature of the set up was an intermediate speed hold switch that, if you were confronted by a hill, would allow you to hold the car in a lower gear, thus preventing it from shifting up too quickly.

I suppose from a rarity standpoint having an automatic in an XK140 would make you pretty unique. To quote Porter, “Original Jaguar XK”, 2003, p.113, “Relatively few cars were built with automatic and it is very unusual to come across one today, partly because the far more appropriate manual 'box has been substituted.”

It would not be my cup of tea, but if you want originality and the bonus of rarity it would give you that. Also, my memory of driving in a 150 a friend was contemplating purchasing that had an automatic did not impress me.


I would put in a modern 5-speed, but keep the original transmission, pedals, shifter etc. That will allow you to sell the car as matching numbers if someone wants to convert it back. That said, in the US, people who can and want to drive a car with a clutch are getting older and rarer. For the next generation, an automatic may be attractive.

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I have restored a XK140FHC automatic, and I kept the Autobox.
Actually I like it this way. It makes the car more a nice cruiser.
The autobox works quite good with the lighter XK140, compared to my S-type that had the same box.
I also have a Manual XK150 converted to a 5 Speed.
But the manual makes it more a hard driver.
Are you located near the mountains, then a manual would be nicer I think.

Hi Stephane…keep looking for the 140 book…you will get one…post here a “Wanted 140 explored”…someone here got one recently…there are some very good internet Blogs…Jaguar XK 140 FHC Part & Assembly Information | All information is structured according the Jaguar XK 140 Spare Parts Catalogue … and plenty on you tube…but the best info is on this forum. …just ask and post photos…Steve…and here Geen categorie

I’m not located near mountains but near a famous town written on the badge of each of your cars… LE MANS

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Hi…what first name do we use for you…im confused by the way your name is presented…Steve

My first name is stephane ( french version for stephen/steve)
Last name :cuiller which mean « spoon » in french!

Nestor is my usual pseudo as gentleman driver or race driver so lots of people call me nestor in the paddock for example


Nestor… that’s cool!!

In the pits, people called me… well, this is kinda a family website, so I won’t write that out.


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Hi Nestor/Stephane,
Has your car arrived yet, I may be able to offer a bit of guidance?
I am driving through Le Mans next Sunday afternoon 30 Jan 22 and just may have time to visit you and discuss anything, depending on weather, traffic, etc.
My wife and I are returning from Val d’Isere to Cherbourg port where we are staying overnight, prior to a ferry to Jersey, Isles de la Manche on Monday,
I am in the 4th year of a 120 FHC restoration so as you can imagine must have learnt something in the 3000+ hours spent in the garage, not counting the research and reading associated with this.
Let me know if this is helpful or not at this stage.
For your security, it’s probably best to give me any details of how to communicate directly with you on my email
Kind regards,
Simon Slaffer

After 3 months waiting, at home with a type c engine and 2 pallets of parts !

First, listing the missing parts and finding differents books and infos the start well!

Good luck with the restoration; it looks like a lot of work has already been done.

I’ve still not completely list what is done but engine is complete but in parts, front of body and doors are 90% done.
Rear of body is only sanded and i need some parts.

Frame and drivetrain are done, most of interior parts are new, 2/3 of chrome too.

Stil the question of keeping the automatic gearbox and if it is my final choice I’ll have to find auto command/ trim /lever and the « P-N-D-R » plastic part, no way to find it on classic parts seller!!!

I have a XK-150 OTS with the automatic transmission. I don’t know if the XK-140 used the same plastic bezel as the XK-150 but I purchased mine from SNG Barratt. You may want to check with them. It wasn’t cheap…$84.00
Pat H.

Unfortunately it’s not, easy to find this part for a xk150 but never referenced fir the xk140!

Here is the difference :


Have you contacted usual suppliers such as Moss or SNG Barratt? Another is Jaguar Heaven in California
Pat H

I’ve still not contacted anybody because i try to list first all missing parts

Thank you for your advice!

For france the best option is SNGBarratt, they have a parts storage in the EU, and a french department.
GB or USA is not easy, and expensive ( lots of additional taxes for non EU, at least 25%)