Pretty, pretty cat followed me home

I never thought I would have another Jag after my XJS, but a nice green XJR followed me home from a Jag dealership in San Jose. I paid up for it, but I doubt I could have found a better one at any price. 2004, 44k miles, dark green with biscuit interior. Still has new car smell. One owner, complete maintenance records, maintained religiously and exclusively at the dealership – and, stroke of extra luck, they just replaced the air compressor and both front struts. ($6800 at dealer prices). Given its previous home, it likely never saw snow or salt, and was clearly garaged.

There are quite a few low-mileage XJRs out there, but I am happy with this one.

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Congratulations! The perfect color combo.
Is that a V8 or straight six?

It’s a V8. Supercharged.

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Knockout car. You’re getting in early on these X300 series sedans. My prediction is they will soon become the favorite of the current E-type and XK120-150 crowd as they creak into their senior years. Happened to me.