Price thoughts about xj8l

Hi I’m from the xjs side , i found a 2005 xj8l with 78000 on it they want 13500.00.U.S. for it . The car is in great shape, garage kept only driven too ice cream socials ,you know the same old b.s… What do you think about the price high low ok , no rust ha ha , i know its aluminum body ,is there anything i should look for ? I was thinking about an xk8 but I have an 89 xjs v12 convertible I am going to keep so i talked myself out of the xk, I want a car that i can drive most of the year and this is what i settled on. It would be to take to the store ,dinner, road trips stuff like that and not have to worry about rain or night driving, you know Lucas price of darkness stuff. When I said settled I ment really really like, thought about the r but I dont need a blower, do I? Any advice will be accepted with thanks.

That generation of XJ8 are awesome. I had an 05’ XJ8L last year. They are reliable and require little when compared to your 89’ XJ-S.
The price you mentioned above seems quite high unless it’s immaculate. And if it is, then it’s worth it as it’s the last body style in my opinion that still carries the DNA of a Jaguar.

Overpriced. Great car though. I had a 2004 back in 2007-2013. Paid 17500 (for a then three year old car) drove the pants off it and got $3000 as a trade towards and F250.

The price is a little too high it would be about half that here in the UK if/when you can find a good low mileage X308.
See if you squeeze 25 to 33% off the asking price and then go for it.
And as James says it is the last true Jaguar! Not a clone in in the style of it’s competition.
Good luck.

Way too high. He’d be hard pressed to get a buyer for $9k.