Problem posting pics

Curious as to why when I upload or paste in a link to a pic the result is the little icon and not the pic. This is a recent problem, never had trouble before…

Is it site specific?
Better to put the picture up, not the link, like so

– save to your device first. So future readers will still have the picture if the original host -your page- is or should be gone in ten or twenty years. Maybe your site gives that as a preview?


Thanks David- seems to work from PC. I assumed that the “upload from the web” would copy from web server to JL server, but apparently not. All good.

Glad it works. Your car looks great.

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I use the link only when I am “attaching” a picture I’ve posted in another thread.
Otherwise, if it is the first time – just drag the .jpeg or the .png into the box.
Same as using the upload button, here:

Does wonders! Puts the picture exactly where one wants it in the post.

FWIW, I do not use this forum on a mobile device.

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Same button, though in the bottom right corner, good tip on saving storage…

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