Problem vent fan and alternator

(Krister Peterson) #1

Hello there, I have a problem related to ventilation, suddenly gave up, have replaced microswitch, but still not working!
I also have problem with the alternator, switched to a new unit, it charge the battery but illuminate no charging! Greatful for any inputs!

( Larry ) #2

For the ventilation issue, possible you have cold or cracked joints in the fuse boxes. Fairly simple to check and confirm/eliminate the fuse boxes as the problem.

To find out if you have power to the blowers from the fuse boxes, remove the kick panel and using a test light or multimeter, see if the brown with blue tracer wire at the blower has 12v.

This wire is live at all times even with the ignition off. If you have 12v power there, the issue isn’t with the fuse boxes.

(Krister Peterson) #3

Okay, I will try that, thank you very much!