Problem with mk2 lights

Imported a mk2 from the Netherlands , the fog lights come on with the main beam , and the fog light position on the switch does not do anything. I am told that Dutch law requires this ,and I am fine with that, any extra light at night is welcome . Problem is , the flicker headlamp switch doesn’t work. It’s difficult to get behind the switch to put a test on the cables ,and I don’t know what they have done . Cables on the light switch, dip switch , headlights and fog lights all look ok according to the wiring diagram , so is the flicker problem linked with the alteration of the lights or could it be unrelated .

hi Ken

This might be nonsense, but maybe worth checking out.

A few years ago a colleague was stopped by Plod for having her fog lights on when there was no fog. It was early in the morning in winter so it wasn’t light yet so she had her main headlights on but also her fog lights - must have knocked the switch.

Anyway, Plod wasn’t having any of it and issued an on-the-spot fine for using fog lights when there wasn’t any fog. I don’t know whether her ‘fog’ lights were yellow or clear (so might have been ‘driving’ lights anyway) and this Plod was obviously well out of order.

Her husband wasn’t one to take this sort of thing lying down but in the end there was nothing they could do and she had to pay the fine.

So maybe, while you’re at it, better to put it back to original UK spec. Unless you can find something in law that my colleague’s husband couldn’t !

Does the button on the floor dip the beams and the red light on the speedometer illuminate on high beams. Wiring problems are such a hassle.


Hi Gerard , yes , on high beam the warning light illuminates and the fog lights come on. On dip, the fog lights go out. There is no control of the fog lights at the switch. I believe it is something they done in the Netherlands to comply with Dutch law. But I can’t figure out what.

Ken the fog lamp feed , red/yellow normally connects to 13 on the light switch, assuming you have a 4 position switch, off/ side ,head and fog. As your headlamp flash is inoperative it`s possible that the blue/ white is disconnected from the switch and connected to the
red / yellow fog lamp feed.
Possibility also that the red / yellow is connected to the blue / white
at the dip switch, while the headlamp flash is a separate problem.

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Thanks, for the info Peter, it’s driving me nuts, electrics are a black art to me , I Will dive in and have a go .

Or the flasher is not working … I don’t recall mine ever working when my car was operational. That’s a lot of current with the main and fogs wired together. Good luck!

Thanks Phil, l think I might need it !

Lower the center panel and locate the red / yellow, it’s possible that another colour has been spliced in to run to the blue / white at the flasher switch, or the blue / white at the dip switch or, of course, at some other point in the loom.

Thanks Peter , wiring on the dip switch seems to be normal, I suppose the most likely place for any alteration would be at the switch. It’s a bit of a job seeing the numbers on it though. I will have a go today.

I am like you in as much that the electrical wiring is a dark art! :sunglasses: In such situations I have found that a knowledgeable auto electrician is a great resource.:+1:


Hi Tim yes worth there weight in gold if I can find one! A. Knowledge of these classics is hard to find.

I doubt at the switch Ken, should be a blue off 13 to the dip switch then blue / white head and blue / red dip. A blue / white also runs to a double push/pull connector at the loom junction with the indicator / headlamp flasher connections, blue / white to the headlamp flasher and to the main beam warning indicator. If the main beam / fog connection is factory the red / yellow / blue / white connection might be within the loom !!
If the headlamp switch is MK2 the numbers are 1 2 4 8 10 12 13 , the later S type / 420 has 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.
The Stype wiring system has the headlamp flasher wired direct from the light switch blue feed so, if you find the red / yellow connect to 12 and run a wire from blue 13 to only the blue / white running to the indicator / flasher control.
This should flash the headlamps whether the dip switch in in dip or head position.
I hope I’ve got this right🧐

I have a fantastic guy in Melbourne, Australia, who I hope won’t retire anytime soon.

Might be a tad far from Wales? :wink:


Correction Ken, disregard the advice re the connection to the flasher switch.
The live connection to the flasher switch is supplied from A2 fuse via a purple wire then a junction to a brown wire feeding the indicators and flasher switch. If the indicators function then obviously the brown feed is OK but still check that the blue / white from the indicator / flasher control is connected.
Disregard the S type reference.

Hi Peter , my head is spinning, going to have a lie down !!! My other stuff arrived today re the starting problem, only ordered it yesterday from the distributor doctor , you can’t get better service than that .

Hi Tim put him on the next boat ! What’s your car , is it a Mk5? Looks great . Ken

Ken no need for head spinning !
Have you lowered the center instrument panel , can you see a red / yellow cable ?

Here’s a indicator / headlamp flash unit.
The three cables to the left function the headlamp flash, note the double push / pull connector for the blue / white.
Brown (supply) and black (earth) the other two. Remove the panel under the steering column to access these connections.

Hi Peter thanks for that , I’ll get to that tomorrow . I’m tied up with the other problem, that of not starting . I put all the new stuff in the distributor, and guess what , no spark from the coil, I had forgotten how much fun these cars are !