Problem with passenger front and rear indicators and rear back light

HI all new to the forum so here is my first post.

I have a 2013 XF jaguar, after reversing onto my drive way i shut down the engine and locked the car as per norm. upon passing the rear of my car i saw the revering lights were on i the started my car drove off the driveway and then reversed back onto the driveway they were still on after about 10 mins they went out. Ok so the next day on my way to work i noticed that the left indicator was flashing quicker indicating a faulty bulb getting to work i left the indicator on and exited the car to check which bulb was faulty. Both of them were on staying steady and not flashing indicating the fault.

After finishing work late in evening i decided to investigate the problem online.
In the morning i checked for any water in the spare tyre well and there was but only about 3-5 mill but not touching any wiring after draining this and dried everything including taking the main battery out and giving it a full charge i also checked the fuses, none were blown, the next day i installed the battery and started the car and put the indicator on and exited the car the indicators are both still not working nor is the rear light or brake light on the same side or the reversing lights both sides.
So again i checked the fuses in the engine compartment and in the boot and none blown.

in summary
no indicators front or rear passenger side
no brake or rear light passenger side
no reversing lights both sides