Problems after frontal

So I picked up the car(XJR 1999) after snotting the front through a 4” fence post and into a cattle race.
Now I have a few issues that need to be resolved.
No brake lights except for the hi stop and although it’s definitely closed the dash is saying boot open.
Radio is now dead, was working when we went into the fence.
Drivers seat not responding to controls.
When I turn off the engine the rev counter needle and fuel gauge needle stay at the position they are at prior to ignition off, as soon as I turn the ignition back on they drop to zero, sticking relay? Which reminds me I should go and check if they are still raised off the stops or have dropped back down after sitting for a few hours.

First hopefully you are okay?
Second its still just a car and hopefully no one else was hurt or involved.
Asses the damage and see if its worth it.
Good luck.GTJOEY1314

Thanks Joey, this happened in October last year, went straight ahead instead of turning right :frowning:
Co driver received a small fracture between the wrist and little finger he was reaching up to trip the waypoint on the phone and his hand hit the A pillar. The upside to that was that his neck which was hurt in a job accident (he takes people for their driving license as I did a few years ago) is now fixed :slight_smile:
As stated the car is a ‘99 XJR, here in NZ there are only <>16 registered of that year so it was decided to not dilute the pool any further, so I purchased a LWB X308 for the body panels.



Donor car

I think the painter got the wrong idea when I suggested a two tone paint job would look good :innocent:

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2 outer brake lights driven from security module in boot. Does the remote work. I guess you can’t tell if the boot reports as open.

Maybe a fuse gone for radio and dash

Thanks I’ll look into that, the remote was becoming flaky prior to the accident but stopped afterwards so could be something in it :frowning:

I had that same blue with the white interior on my 1996 XJR Its sooooo rich looking

Agreed, it always elicited great comments as it is not a common colour, at least here in NZ. In response to your earlier question the co-drivers injury was the worst of the event and there were some absolute doozies amongst the actual competion cars, as far as I was concerned only a very bruised ego :frowning: and much lighter wallet.