Problems i had with my 2000 4.0 Jag

When I forst bought my Jag i jad to replace 2 ignition coils. I had heard I needed to use actual Jag coils but I got 2 from Oriellys and never had a problem again. Then while trying to figure out a water leak we cracked the thermostat housing and replaced that. Then I started eating tires real bad and replaced the passanger side tye rod, upper control arm and ball joint. Was about to replace drivers side as well before the accident. Also needed to replace the wheel bearings but didnt get a chance to see if it was just the bearing or the whole hub. And I wanted a new stereo system put in but the 2000 doesnt have a stereo kit for it. I was having issues with the radio going from cycling threw the 6 CD changer to mute and then playing the radio and back around to trying to play a CD. Never got to solve this issue.

Sorry to hear of all your problems, and that is a part of the reason so many people are afraid to buy a Jaguar. There were a number of problems with the early models, and much had been corrected later in the run of all the models. My advice would be to just go ahead and sell it to someone who thinks they can fix it. Be prepared to take a substantial loss. I know this is not encouraging, but that is what I would do.

Oh I loved my car!! It was in an accident the other and is pretty much totaled out. I was just sharing some of my journey and if it hadnt been in the accident I would have kept doing my very best to keep her up! It was not the most ideal car but i feel in love with it and one day I will have another one! But thank you for the advice!! I want to post it to the classified ad here so anyone who needs parts can get them if I have parts they can use! I need to get my trust level up though cause I just joined. Just wanted to make use out of the accident.