Production dates

I have cyl. head ra3743-9 and block r4407-9 cant find production dates . any help??

Best bet is to search through for numbers that are close to these.

That’s exactly what I would do. Just use the Browse function and only fill out the boxes to select Series 1 3.8L cars. You will get a multi-page table of all such cars. You can sort the entries by any column alphabetically, by clicking on the column head. Do that for the engine number column and it will be easy to scroll through the pages to find the closest matches that also have a build date recorded. Many entries don’t contain engine numbers (i.e. it is blank) so expect that many of the initial pages will have no engine numbers. This will give you an approximation to the date your engine components (block/head) were included in a production car. Some engine blocks (not sure if it applies to all years) also contain a casting date near the top of the block on the RH side. Good luck!

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Appear the car was built 4 Oct 63. Don’t know how to determine exact engine date.

thanks for your help!! will do that, wayne

thanks so much Dave, I have this engine in a 67 e-type with the all syncro box that I am planning to sell soon, just curious as to what I own, Wayne

hey Jeff, thanks so much for that info!! Wayne

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Good tip re the wildcard searches. Did not know you could do that.

The casting date should be below the dipstick boss.

thanks so much, will check that-wayne