Products used and spam fuel additives again

Apologies I’m using my better half’s email account as mine is not working.
I must admit, I thought my JL’s e-mail and post was not working but my post was removed.I thought there was a glitch in the system but it says I’ve been suspended for suspected spamming.
I had responded to a JL’s post about a gasoline product (additive) which I had recently used when I had cleaned out my sump tank and replaced my fuel filter. I’m assuming the link attached where I purchased the product. I can attest in no uncertain terms that I do not profit or recommend products or services that I would receive any compensation for other than to help fellow Jaguar enthusiasts. In fact I believe I summed up the post by suggesting just to buy non ethanol quality fuel.
Without ranting too long here , my question is am I in purgatory for the rest of my life or is there a process to redeem myself. If there os no redemption process please remove me from the JL’s members website.
Thank you in advance Gary…

Hi Gary,

Could you PM me your username for the account that got blocked, so I can look into it for you?


Thank you Gunner, I will send you an off line e-mail