Programming remotes X308

I’ve been having to program my 2 remotes as I’ve been attempting to fix the buttons, and think I finally have successfully.
I know what to do: Put main beam on and insert key into position 1. Flash main beam 4 times: Led next to gear stick flashes, then press any button on remotes 5 times, or 3 for one and 2 on second remote. Each time, the led flashes. Remove key.
This has always worked, but today when I tried it, it didn’t. After flashing 4 times, the led did not flash, and after removing the key, and pressing buttons it didn’t flash. I tried starting the car and stopping and trying again, but still didn’t work.
Any ideas?

Your procedure worked like a charm for my 2000 Jaguar XK8.

If the flap on the ignition barrel is stuck open it won’t work, so need to check that. Why did no-one tell me?! :rofl: