Progress, at last!

These are the final clearcoats. The car should be back here in 2-3 weeks, after some hardening-off time and a polish. Then the clean work begins…


Isn’t it just the best feeling, when you see paint/clearcoat go on a car? It gives me hope!

Hi Roger,

I see you are painting with the rear guards/fenders off. Have you also had to paint the welting to match?

Yes, the rear wings and the piping get painted separately. I want paint inbetween the panels, and the piping.

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Glad to hear it. Someone I know (ok it was me) forgot all about the piping. Now I had to do a separate paint run for the piping, and I’m worried it won’t quite match. Oh well at least only I know… Oh damn…

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I’m trying to think of any parts that it may be disputed that they are body colour… Inner front wheel shields, etc etc. Easier to paint in body now and repaint in black later if needed that other way round.

Door latch mechanisms are body colour, anyone else with suggestions?

Door latch mechanisms? Not on my 140DHC, they weren’t… cad plate for the most part, I think. The wheel arch closing panels should be black all round. There’s another thread and a long discussion somewhere on here regarding what should be body colour and what should be black.

It certainly is, Paul. A major corner turned in any restoration - and from now on, all the work should be ‘clean’. Yes, I know Mist Grey was technically a 150 colour, but I really like it…
I have to keep the pressure on the Jag now. For some reason that I don’t quite understand, I’ve just bought a pre-war preselector Riley special which will be a distraction unless I’m very careful. The XK is booked on the 100th anniversary of Swallow/Jaguar tour in Sept '22, which should focus the mind nicely.

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Thats all that truly matters!

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I’m sorry Roger, I was thinking of the 150…

Oooh. That’s one straight looking XK, Roger. Very nice, indeed.

Went to see the finished job today. Very pleased with it. Quite proud of the door gaps, too.

Shut lines to die for!!