Project 1957 Jaguar MK VIII For Sale on Bring-a-Trailer online auction site in June 2021

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Description: I am selling my project 1957 Jaguar MK VIII, due to an upcoming out of state move, on the Bring-a-Trailer classic car auction site in June 2021. I obtained this “Barn Find” car in 2005 after it sat in a southern California garage since 1975. Since then I have enjoyed working on restoring this beautiful car by getting it repainted, installing much of the exterior chrome that I had re-chromed, installing many of the new wiring harnesses that I purchased, getting the original 3.4L XK engine professionally rebuilt, and more. This is a “numbers matching car”. Included in the BaT auction are the engine on a professionally built engine test stand, many original or restored parts, several shop manuals and Parts Catalogues, and many MK VIII posters and framed artworks.

Asking price (if selling): This car will be sold in June 2021 on the Bring-a-Trailer website as a “no reserve” auction.

Location: Ramona, California, Zip Code 92065

Contact information: Paul M. Novak, please contact me via Jag-Lovers Personal Message for additional information and pictures.

Cost of shipping (if selling): Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes, but Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

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I’ll bet it’s sad to see that go…

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Having seen this one in person, I can only describe it as beautiful and meticulously restored so far. It’s a shame your move means you won’t get to finish it, Paul, but hopefully it will go to a good home.


I wish that I could have finished this MK VIII project, or at least gotten it back on the road again. But we sold our house and I no longer have my shop to work in. I moved the MK VIII and all the parts to a 20’X20’ storage unit until there is a new owner. We are researching where we will move to, but won’t decide until July or so. In the meantime we are renting a condo. It is clear that it would be a year or two before I could be set up in a new place where I could restart work on the MK VIII. So it is best to let it go. I have already uploaded over 300 pictures on Bring-a-Trailer with more yet to come. I hope to make back some of the estimated $40K that I have spent on it. But it is a “No Reserve” auction so someone could get this MK VIII and all the parts for pennies on the dollar. If you know anyone interested in a very sold MK VIII with a beautiful repaint, freshly rebuilt engine, and hundreds of parts, please let them know about this upcoming BaT auction. It should go live in early June, but I don’t have a date yet.


Yes it certainly will be sad for me to see my 1957 MK VIII go. With the house already sold and an upcoming move to another state, it did not make sense to try to hold on to it any longer. Who know how long it would take before I could restart the work. I decided that it was best to see it go to someone else and hopefully I will recover a lot of the money I put into it. I have a feeling that someone is going to get this great project, with lots of parts, for a bargain on BaT.


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Wow, gotta be heartbreaking for seller and exciting for the buyer. Could not undertake a project, but I can see the love of Jags particularly in the red beauty in the background. I will probably follow BaT to see what it finally goes for, hope for the best for you.

The auction for my 1957 MK VIII Restoration Project is now live on the Bring-a-Trailer online auction site. The auction closes in 6 days on Thursday 24 June at 1:44 PM Pacific Time.

Here is the link: No Reserve: 1957 Jaguar MK VIII Project for sale on BaT Auctions - ending June 24 (Lot #50,176) | Bring a Trailer

I encourage you to take a look at the auction, especially if you are not familiar with Bring-a-Trailer. It is a very interesting and fun classic car online auction site. My MK VIII is being sold with “No Reserve”, to the highest bidder and bidding has already begun. The winning bidder will get this car, the freshly rebuilt 3.4L XK engine, and all the removed and spare parts shown in the 280+ pictures, at a price that is certain to be much less than what I put into it. But it is time for my beautiful 1957 MK VIII to find a new home as we move on.
Please feel free to forward this auction info to anyone that you think they might be interested in bidding or just looking at my Bring-a-Trailer auction for fun. The car is located in Ramona, California, USA 92065 and available for those interested in seeing it in person.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the car or this Bring-a-Trailer auction.

Paul Novak