PROJECT 71’ xj6 small block tune port injection conversion

Aside of the info I get from you guys and a couple of pages on FB, im putting together everything in the books to make this experience easier and enjoyable

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Hey familia jaguar.
I finally removed the tanks from the S3.
Tanks on the S1 and S3 mount the same one difference is the vent line connection, that can easily be modified. Take a look at the pictures.

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Sending units are at the same spots

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Thank you for the fuel tank pics. So it’s set - I’ll be using the III’s tanks in my II.

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My s3 had the sending units accessible from the rear lights?

Well familia! I ran into an issue with the tanks
I removed the sending units to clean the tanks and found out that they are no good.
Take a look at the pics and tell me if you would use them as is.

I’m going to wager a guess that someone tried to coat the inside of the tanks, and unsuccessfully!

If there does not appear to be a lot of rust on it, you can make a device out of a old cable reel, bolt the tanks onto them, fill them with nuts and bolts, and roll them around the neighborhood for a couple of hours. That will clean up a lot of the inside of the tanks, and perhaps make them usable again.

Yuck. Tie them to a wheel or cement mixer with stones inside the tank. Won’t ruin anything as is but there are some large chunks I’d want to knock out before putting them to use… the filter sock will protect the pumps

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Another option for media to put in the tank and rattle around is a length of heavy chain. A neighbor of mine just did that on a bronco he is restoring, it worked really well.

You think I could use the tanks with a little cleaning?

I’ll Try that.
Thanks guys

What do you guys think of a fuel cell in the trunk instead ?

Nothing wrong with the fuel cell if you want to go to the work of fitting it in, plumbing it, and so on. I assume you’re keeping the hydraulics? Will you have enough room for a fuel cell that will give you decent range?

I think I have a 10 gallon fuel cell it would look great in the trunk with everything else going on there but I kind of want to have the fuel tanks what do you all think?

Personally I would prefer the fuel tanks. You can roll them around as wiggles suggested, with shot, a chain, whatever. Possibly put in some sort of solvent to help dissolve whatever it was that was left in there. It wouldn’t be very expensive to try, and you might be able to save them.

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I’ll try that. It would be nice to be able to use them. Thanks.

So help me out:
I went the local store to try to get new motor mounts for the sbc, everything they show me didn’t look like this! What am I looking at? What kind of mounts are

attached to my jaguar adapters

You can definitely use the tanks. Even as they are but much better to knock the stuff out as good as possible.

A fuel cell is a bad idea, you lose capacity, trunk space and it’s inconvenient yet you gain nothing.

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Pretty sure you can do a good job cleaning the tanks.

A good idea is to omit the in-tank filters and install hi-flow inline filters before the pump in the trunk. Easy to clean or replace in case some dirt and flakes are still left in the fuel tanks.

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I’ll will clean up the tanks and use them with high flow filters

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