Project in California?

Wonder why it sits way high, otherwise a few parts are missing and too many parts were added in other places… 3500 a bit high? But it has AC! And it needs some love…

Series 1 cars have a certain charm. If a person was looking for a Series 1 project, well, I’ve seen far worse examples. Obviously it would be a labor of love as paint and leather alone would be umpteen thousands of dollars.


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I grew up in The Midwest, land of road salt.

Have seen many cars with nice interiors that can be bought cheap after their rotted frames will nix a safety inspection. Two to make one?

Even ratty they look good.

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In 2015 I sold (come to think about it…only car I have sold) a life long Phoenix Desert '72 xj6 body was prestine, interior was great having obviously been replaced…with the original jag motor (frozen)…for $1900 to Dennis. He shipped it to southern California…and sold for $1900…health reasons
Since then a couple of desert 1st gen xj6’s have come along in the 4k range…decent interiors…of course no rust (desert Phoenix).
I regret selling it…wife says, have to have a parking space…and cannot save them all…
Oh well…

ps…still have some parts from a '69 rust bucket I parted out (bought it for the laycock compact A…now resides in my 2+2 what JOY…Atlanta Jeff has the HD8’s). this xj6 was a show car in California…took 7 years (the previous owners time) in the Hudson Valley of New York and it was rusted beyond repair…makes me want to swear…swear I tell you!!!

More insite…for Jimmy, you can go to and for $390l shipped one gets new front leather seat covers. (wife and I have had great success). The trick will be saving the rears…or spend another $390 (tho lseat will need the rears for a pattern)
Do not plan on the engine being “good” so next trick will be to find a good running xj6 engine.
Good Luck…its a journey