Project Liquidation Sale Sedan Mostly Updated

Description: For sale some more parts from My Mk2 project. I’m selling most the parts alone to recover a small amount of my investment.

Rear D window latch BD20086 and BD20087. These fit S-type and 420 as well. Cost $162.00, Selling $90.00/pair. Buyer pays shipping

Fender Marker lights. I think these fit other models XKs? As well. Part number C14929. Cost $182.00, Selling $100.00/pair.

Bumper hardware kit BD17172FK… $10.00

Pair of fender Spears Welsh p/n 14-0087. Cost $60.00, Selling $20/pair.

Fuel sender cover. Good, just needs final prep and paint…$30

Coomb style spats, cost $196.00, Sell $110.0 SOLD

Cooling hose set 29-1415. Cost $69, selling $35 SOLD

New high quality aluminum radiator with oem style steel frame from Welsh Jaguar. Paid $575.00 asking $450.00
I’ll get a real picture in the morning. Borrowed one from Welsh for reference. SOLD

Buyer pays shipping.

Feel free to message me with your needs.

Asking price (if selling): Various

Location: Rockford IL

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling): Paid by buyer

Willing to ship worldwide?

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Tim, I will do the spats, cooling hose set and the radiator.

Thank you. I’ll get total with shipping later this morning.