Proper seat belts

Looking for suggestions for better belts and harnesses then what I have which are pretty silly!


to fit what

Hi Blair…how about a reply to the alignment qustion you posted…i gave a long reply to try to help…Steve

What do you have…how many fixing points…where are the fixing points…photo helps

it’s looking like one of those questions> how long is a piece of string

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Hi Steve,

The alignment shop said I needed to replace these 2 long bolts as they were threaded unevenly. Fast forward… I said thx and took the car back to storage. My tech came over yesterday, sunday and said that’s funny, as those are NOT bolts , those are the tie rods! So with what appeared to be pretty primitive tools, using these 2 tape measures and special metal plates got it to about 1/16 off toe. He said that what they use on race cars in the pits. Adrian sent me his guidelines for the Realm so we had that. This car while it is not a complex car in itself, it is simply the reality the builder seems to have not gone the extra mile to really tweak this thing. Getting closer to a real car. The steering wheel i snow straight! THe brakes are still a bit uncertain and we think that the master cylinder he used is just too small. THe fuel sending unit needs to be replaced as it is totally mickey mouse. Motor running well and carbs are smooth! Looking for better seat belts/harnesses as the ones in this car are impossible to adjust . Pretty much it for the minute.

THank you very much along with others for the assistance along the way.

  1. What master are you using for your brakes?

A Realm C type


Hi Blair…this is the brake master commonly used on a Realm C with a servo…it does the job…biggest problem many have is bleeding the brakes and not getting all the air out…its not difficult though…ensure you have a bleed nipple on both rear calipers…some builders only fit one then its even more problematic to bleed…i have a 3 point harness center fixing behind driver neck area and one either side behind seat Classic Mini GMC90376 - Mini Spares Onlne Shop

Great info!