Proper Tires Size C type REALM

Tryin to get this car to handle correctly!

The tires are date stamped 10 years old, so its time!

I have Continental 205 75 16 on there now. My tore guy says those are gonna ride like a truck . Seems not many co even make that size anymore.

What tires size are you guys running please??

His suggestion was perhaps 215 70 16.


You might not want to listen to your tire guy. If anything, wider tires will make the steering heavier. MORE like a truck, not less.

What width rims do you have? I’m guessing that 185mm tires might be appropriate. You may want to look at a specialty brand like Blockley. I love my 185VR15 Blockleys (on 6" Daytons).

Bob Frisby
E-type S2 FHC
Boise, Idaho


Realm…and many other C replicas run on 5in x 16 rims either 72 or 60 spoke typically from MWS and 185R16 tires…not a lot of choice in this size and expensive…quite a few owners i know are running Avon or Blockleys or Vrederstein …Steve …see link to wheels MWS

Thanks a lot Steve. That link is not active…….

600R16/185R16 looks to be the standard size for XK120/140, and may be correct for you. There are several “replica” classic car tires that would be appropriate in this size, though they are not inexpensive.

Link works fine for me.

Yep link works for me…try another device, operating system

Will do!


Another possible choice would be a replica racing tire like Dunlop L600-16.


Im gonna try these. Not cheap but seem to be the real deal! Stand by Coming tomorrow so we shall see…

Thanks a million for this timely info!!!

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Coke Tire also has a variety, and sometimes even TireRack etc will have them if you know what to look for.

Tried Coker and Tire rack nothing was spot on. They all lean toward all purpose tires for SUV etc.
‘ thx a lot!

I don’t have the car now but take a guess what the knob on the glove box area is for please?

I have been told

  1. It is nothing but a hand pull for the passenger
  2. My mechanic told me it’s a choke.


Photo would help…remember these are hand made diy replicas…no 2 are exactly the same…just looked up photos from bring a trailer of your car i think…left hand drive…silver knob on dash…lines up with choke cable on webbers…if you cant rely on your mechanic then you may have bigger problms to worry about

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You are correct sir! When I see the car today I will confirm if he is correct.

Much appreciated.

These are 600-16 Dunlop Racing bias ply tires that are on the Proteus I just bought. Too bad they are 40 years old. They look perfect. My Realm has 15” wheels with radials and doesn’t look “correct”, but I drive it a lot and they ride nicely.

I got those new on my Realm and made alot of difference. I am now looking to dial in the perfect alignment Car has come a long way since I met this group. I am actually driving it a bit! ALl the best

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