Propshafts - Lengths

I was under the impression that propshafts for all variants of E Type were the same length, the difference on the 2+2 models being accommodated by the longer gearbox tailshaft housing. Can anyone confirm if this is the case. Thanks

They are different part numbers between the SWB and LWB cars so I would think they are different.
Series 1 4.2:
SWB - C19875 or C22097
LWB - C24824 or C26579
Series 2:
SWB - C26576
LWB - C26579
Series 3:

Thanks Rick
I am aware there have been differences in design over the years, which may account for the different part numbers, but as to actual length, I don’t know.

Having trawled through the archives some say that 2+2 are longer, others, including one Mr Peter Crespin say they are all the same length, hence my confusion.

Looking at the part numbers would infer at some point in S1 production they changed something on the 2+2 and retained that part throughout the life of the LWB.

Just hoping someone has both on or under the bench and could provide a definitive answer.

Hi Rick, I see a lot of numbers, but no dimentions at all. I was interested in the length of each Propshafts, but no luck.

Hi…I just posted this on the UK forum in the wanted section for someone asking for similar info… I just looked up on SNGB site…they have 2 propshafts listed…856mm for all 2+2 models and S3 roadster…and 787 mm closed length all other models…unfortunatly it dosnt say if tbe 856mm prop is open or closed length…so we have a difference of…69mm…so possibly any prop could be used in any model depending on the splined shaft but a bit of reasearch needed…Steve
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I do have a short one on the bench if you’d like some measurements.

Hi Frank,

This afternoon I finished removing the propshaft on my Series 2 2+2, compressed it’s 33¾ inches long.
I hope this helps.



Hi Rick, thank you for the length of your propshaft, so it’s 33 3/4 is 85,72 mm, but I have a Series 1 FHC '63, small chassis. I bought a propshaft, but don’t know if it’s fits the car.

33.75 inches = 857.25mm you misplaced the decimal point.
If you looked at MGCJAG’s reply my measurement agrees with what he got from the SNG Barratt site for the LWB cars. From that it looks like the SWB cars should have a measurement around 787mm or 31 inches.


My 1970 Series II driveshaft is 31 1/2 inches or 80 cm when compressed and including flanges.
David Chiahotny