Proteus C type Fuel Tank Capacity

Thanks to Steve H for aiming me to this Category.

I recently purchased a Proteus C type. Original Marland built. It does not have a fuel gauge, does have a warning light that I have no idea of the trigger level. Before I try and access enough of the tank to dimension it to figure out the capacity, does anyone know how many gallons ( US or Imp) it holds ?

I’ve owned four replicas, one I built myself, and not one had a fuel gauge. Racing cars never had one. Take her out for a spin,. then drain the tank completely. Many replica tanks have a false bottom, so if you look in the tank it may look empty but have several gallons hidden. Now, back at home I drain what is left so I know the tank is empty. Then I take a piece of dowelling (round wood about 4 feet long and a couple of inches in diameter, and add five litres at a time, stopping every five litres, dipping the tank, and marking the level with how much I have added so you have 5,10,15,20 marks on the rod, which is now your fuel gauge. . In my two Lynx D-types they held about 20 gallons, in my C-type (full-on replica) the capacity was 49 US gallons, and on my Lynx XKSS I calculated about 24 gallons. Before I take the car out I always dip the tank and reset the trip meter. Then I know how far I can go before refuelling. Or carry the dipping rod with you! It’s the way we have always done it in Europe, and the only reliable way.


Tony, thank you for the reply. I was just curious if anyone had the capacity.

The car is in the shop for some work and I will be able to measure up fuel tank when the rear is removed.